In 2015 the company Electrical Consultants Limited Central has conducted a survey designed many key projects, including the construction of 110 kV, 22 kV and 0.4 kV power supply to the white area, trough missing Electricity, loading for 110kV stations, connecting transmission from hydropower plants, improving the efficiency of medium voltage power supply from the 22kV transmission ...
In the design consultancy, the survey is the input data play a very important role in deciding the quality of design consultancy records. With the motto limited to a maximum of errors in records survey and design, the company has invested in the training of staff to improve skills, specialization in the work of field survey and internal career .
In addition to the work of human resource development, the Board of Directors has also procured additional equipment that is lacking in order to serve the survey work in general and survey the terrain in particular. At the beginning of 2015, the company purchased 02 LEICA-TS06 PLUS whole-purpose machines and 01 DET 2/2 and 03 Laptop resistors for surveying. After training and provide additional equipment needed, the work of foreign workers, domestic business has done very well, the profile survey has restricted a lot of errors due to subjective and objective quality The profile is also significantly enhanced. Although the quality of the profile has been improved, with too many workloads, some projects have not yet achieved the required progress.

In order to further improve the quality of the survey records and ensure the progress, the management board has bravely applied modern technologies for the Survey. Early 2016, the Company has acquired HI-TARGET 01GPS V30 machines, global positioning devices GPS tripod includes one server and two workstations modern, high precision.


Technology transfer, training for surveyors.
During the training sessions delivered, the surveyors were very enthusiastic and attentive, the application work the GPS will reduce a lot of errors, effort, and duration of the current work bare.
By the year 2016, the application of modern GPS positioning technology for on-going and ongoing works promises to improve quality, error freeness and assure progress. This is probably the meaningful year-end gift that the board of directors of the company devoted to the survey.